2023 März

Bank Seizures and Shutdowns: Blackrock CEO Warns of Regulatory Risks

• Blackrock CEO Larry Fink has warned that tighter bank regulation could lead to additional bank seizures and shutdowns. • Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank have already failed in recent weeks as a result of asset-liability mismatches. • Fink anticipates that banks may become more constrained in their lending, leading clients to turn to the […]

Makerdao Issues Emergency Proposal to Address $3.1B in USDC Collateral After Depegging Incident

• On March 11, 2023, Makerdao issued an emergency proposal to address the $3.1 billion in USDC collateral that backs its stablecoin DAI. • Makerdao’s emergency proposal aims to limit the project’s exposure to potentially impaired stablecoins and other risky collateral while maintaining liquidity of DAI. • The proposed changes are expected to be posted in the next […]

Crypto Markets Stabilize, BTC & ETH Consolidate Recent Losses

• Bitcoin and Ethereum prices recovered from Friday’s sell-off, consolidating recent losses to start the weekend. • BTC/USD rose above a long-term support point at $22,300 following yesterday’s low of $22,213.24. • ETH/USD also rose above a price floor at $1,560 today, with bulls rejecting a breakout of 44.00 RSI support. Bitcoin and Ethereum Recover From Sell-Off Cryptocurrency […]